• Category:Imported Lift

Model: SRH-007
Brand: SRH
Front wall: Hairline stainless steel
Sidewall: Painted steel plate
Car door: Hairline stainless steel
Floor: PVC real stone floor
Car size: According to the weight capacity and site condition
Control system: Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency (VVVF)
Emergency safety: Emergency stop in under and above Cabin/ MC room/ Overhead/ Pit
Safety system: Full-height door sensor/ Over speed governor/ Emergency braking system/ Hydraulic buffer
Basic cabin design: Hairline Stainless Steel with button press LOP & COP
Door type & Size: Center opening/ Side opening/ According to the site condition
Traction motor type: Gear traction Motor/ Gearless traction motor
Lift type: Machine Room (MR)/ Machine Room Less (MRL)
Cabin design: Painted/ Hairline SS/ Etching/ Wooden/ Panoramic/ Titanium gold
Door design: Painted/Hairline SS/ Etching/ Titanium gold/ Small & Big version
LOP/COP: Square & Round Button/ Touch Button/ Voice Control
Rescue system: Manual Rescue/ Auto Rescue Device (ARD)/ Online UPS