Solar Street Light

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Main Features of Solar Street Light:

Brand: ZGSM

·         Adopts MPPT charging method, which increases the utilization of solar panel.

·         Lithium battery low temperature charging protection, which effectively protects the battery.

·         Intelligent computing, detecting the ratio of charge and discharge, to achieve the lights stay on 365 days.

·         If no charge within 24 hours, the system automatically goes into hibernation, easy to transport long-distance, long-term storage to avoid causing battery bursts.

·         Realize Bluetooth communication between the mobile phone and the system, users can customize the lighting mode and view the system operation in real time.

·         Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors the health, charging and discharging of the battery pack. This safeguards the cells so that they are not over charged or discharged, maximizing their lifetime.

·         Overheat protection function, when the controller reaches a certain temperature, it will decrease or close the load.

·         Working status indication, easy to maintain.