LED Flood Light

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Main Features of LED Flood Light:

Brand: ZGSM

·         Up to 100, 000hrs @ L70, low maintenance cost

·         World class, approbated quality components (LEDs /Driver /etc.)

·         Equip with vent to avoid internal fogging and frosting

·         Wide choice of optics to suit more applications (asymmetrical and symmetrical)

·         Buckle design makes it very easy for further maintenance

·         Luminaire efficacy: Up to 170 lm /w

·         Lifetime more than 100, 000 hours

·         Impact resistance: IK10

·         Type of protection: IP66

Led Street Light in Bangladesh 

The installation of LED street lights has revolutionized the way these lights are used and can now provide uniform, high-quality lighting for roads and walkways. 
These lights use a fraction of the energy that traditional streetlights do, making them an environmentally-friendly choice as well. LED streetlights are also more resistant to damage from weather conditions and can last longer than traditional streetlights.
They’re also more versatile, as they can be used in both residential and commercial areas. Finally, LED street lights are often less expensive to maintain than traditional street lights. 
PDL is a great way to get LED street lights in your area. Property Development Limited (PDL) is much faster and easier to install than traditional street light systems. They can provide you with the best LED Street light in Bangladesh.

Led Street Light Price in Bangladesh

LED streetlights are becoming increasingly popular in many municipalities because of their low cost and long life. However, the price of LED streetlights may vary depending on your requirement. 
Some municipalities are opting for LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, while others are opting for shorter lifespans to save money.
If you are confused and want to know about the LED street light price, then give PDL a call. They have an expert team to help you with your need. 
LED Street light is the newest technology in lighting and it comes with many benefits such as energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance. So if you are looking for a better lighting solution for your property, then PDL is the perfect company to call.

Best led street light

If you want to upgrade your street lighting and make your neighborhood look safer, consider contacting PDL. They can arrange a cost-effective way to change the look of your streetlights from dull and outdated to modern and sleek. 
Not only do they provide improved illumination, but they also can add an air of sophistication to any neighborhood. If you're looking for a way to improve the appearance of your street or driveway, a property lift may be the perfect solution. 

Smart led street light 

If there’s one thing that cities around the world could use more of, it’s streetlights. But not just any old streetlights- smart streetlights. These lights can be controlled through an app or a web interface, meaning that city officials can easily adjust their brightness and light patterns based on what’s happening on the street.
The idea of using smart technology to light up streets and sidewalks has been around for quite some time, but there have been few implementations due to the high costs and technical expertise required. 
But now, a new type of street light that uses LED technology has become available that eliminates many of the barriers to implementation.
No matter how you want to light up your home area, Smart LED street lights can be a great choice. They are energy-efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. Plus, they come in many colors and styles to suit any home.

Led Street Light Watt

LED street lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their sustainability, efficiency, and low maintenance. They produce little heat, which means they require less energy to operate, and they last longer than traditional street lights. LED street lights are also becoming more affordable as technology improves.
LED street light watt is very low, so if you are installing one in front of your house, don’t have to worry about the energy cost. 

Final Words
If you are looking to improve your home's lighting, then you should consider using led street lights. Property Development Limited is a company that can help you get the most out of your lights. They will help you choose the right type of LED and install it in the right place.
Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to help enhance your home's lighting? 
PDL is the place to go! They are experts in installing led street lights, so they will be able to help you get the best possible outcome. 

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