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Maximizing the indoor aesthetics with comfortable environment.


1.      Smart 4 Way Cassette

2.      Human Detection Technology

3.      Humidity Sensing Technology

4.      Slim & compact design

5.      High Ceiling mode

6.      Independent vane operation

7.      Convenient Panel Installation

8.      Auto Elevation Grille

What Is Ceiling Mounted Cassette?

A cassette HVAC system is one of the types of ductless mini-split systems. This type of system uses a series of small, individual air conditioning and heating units that are mounted on the ceiling. This system is popular because it is smaller and less expensive than traditional systems and it is easier to install.
In this HVAC ceiling cassette system, the indoor air handler is not installed on a wall or floor. Instead, it is installed in the ceiling. This type of system is popular in locations where there is limited space or where aesthetics are important. 
The air handler is mounted on a bracket and attached to the ceiling using cables. This configuration allows for easy installation and removal.
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